Groups & Circles

Like clubs within the club, circles allow members to meet other members and take part in many social activities.

Bridge Circle

The Bridge Circle meets regularly on the first and third Wednesdays of each month in the Smoking Room at 2.30pm. Everyone is welcome and you do not need to bring a partner.

Chess Circle

This friendly and informal group is open to people of all levels and beginners are particularly welcome.

The circle has its own website:

Commonwealth Forum

Please refer to the list of club events to see when the next meeting of this group will take place.

Film Group

The Film Group meets regularly to watch film classics with a social or political theme. 

Fourscore Circle

For those of more mature years and meets twice a year.

German Circle

For those members with an interest in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the language and  culture of those countries.

Golf Circle

Providing a forum for members of all abilities to play and enjoy golf with like minded people. Please see  for more information on the Circle's activities.

Literary Circle

Meets on a regular monthly basis.

NLC French Circle

The NLC French Circle meets in the Smoking Room at 6pm on the second Monday of each month for an informal discussion in French, followed by dinner in the Club's Dining  Room for those who decide to stay.


Snooker Circle

Meets in the Club's Billiards Room. 

Younger Members Group

The group for NLC members under 30. It is affiliated with the Inter-Club Younger Members' Group (, of which the NLC was a founder member in 2005.