Lawrence Robson Room

The Lawrence Robson Room is named in honour of Sir Lawrence Robson (1904-1982), an accountant and Liberal politician, who saved the club from closure during a particularly difficult period in the 1970s. Sir Lawrence was a founder of the accountancy firm Robson Rhodes (which subsequently merged into the present-day Grant Thornton), was a former President of the Liberal Party, and unsuccessfully stood for Parliament twice.

Works of art on display in the room include an oil portrait of Liberal Leader Sir Archibald Sinclair - a close friend and ally of Winston Churchill who served in his wartime Cabinet as Air Minister - and a pencil sketch of Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman.

The smallest and most intimate of the club's rooms, it has long been used as a boardroom, and is located underneath the club's main terrace.


12 - Boardroom.

12 - Working Lunch.

Private Hire Rates

£120 - Half-Day (up to four hours).

£245 - Whole Day (up to eight hours).