Dress Code

Like most clubs, the National Liberal Club has a dress code; but as a liberal club, we strive to have rules that are flexible and reasonable. We ask members and guests to observe the following dress code, out of respect towards one another:

i) Members and guests are required to wear smart business or smart casual clothing in the Clubhouse at all times. As in the past, a polo-neck or roll-neck sweater is also acceptable in place of a collared shirt for men, as is traditional, religious or national dress or uniform.

ii) Male members and guests will be required to wear a jacket and tie, or an authorised alternative (see above), every evening in the Dining Room after 6.30 pm, throughout the year.

iii) Male members and guests will be required to wear a jacket and collared shirt (tie optional), or an authorized alternative, at all other times in the Clubhouse from September to May inclusive.

iv) During the summer months of June, July and August, male members and guests will be required to wear a collared long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt, or an authorised alternative, on the Terrace or in the Clubhouse (jacket, tie optional except in the Dining Room after 6.30pm – see above).

v) A transgender/non-binary person (member or guest) is free to select the dress code that matches and is appropriate to the gender in which they present.

vi) Members and guests are required to comply with the specified dress requirement when attending Club events.

vii) Members and guests are not permitted to wear any of the following: tracksuits, sportswear including polo shirts, trainers, shorts, ripped or torn clothing, clothing bearing any slogan or prominent words.

viii) The requirements of the dress code shall not apply when there is a bona fide medical reason for non-compliance.

(Source: Appendix to the Regulations of the National Liberal Club.)