Membership is open to political and non-political members, both men and women. The full subscription rates are very reasonable, and are around half of those found in comparable major London clubs. 

Membership concessions are also available. Country Members (who live over 100 miles from London) benefit from slightly reduced rates compared to Town Members; and the Club is committed to phasing in a greater Country Membership concession over time.

Overseas Members benefit from a substantial phasing in of concessions: after one full year of paying the Town rate, they pay only 75% from their second year, and they pay only 25% in perpetuity from their fifth year, provided they remain resident abroad. 

Joint Membership is available for couples, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, and regardless of marital status, with Joint Members paying the equivalent of one and a half full Town subscriptions instead of two. The NLC was the first London club to have this category open to non-married as well as married couples, and to not limit this category to heterosexual couples. 

Those aged 17-29 benefit from an attractive Junior Membership package (please see below).

Lifetime Membership is also available from the age of 30, with rates available on request from the Club office. This involves a one-off payment dependent upon an applicant's age, which varies from 17.9 times to 5.6 times one year's membership. 

All NLC Members are either Political Members or Members. Political Members sign a declaration that they are a Liberal in their politics. Members sign a declaration that they will not use the club's facilities for any political activities adverse to Liberalism. Both Political Members and Members alike are equally entitled to make full use of the clubhouse.

A common misconception - due to the Club's name - is that club membership (or even political membership) depends upon membership of the Liberal Democrats/Liberal Party/Liberal International. This is not the case. We are proud of our historic identification with the Liberal cause, and the Club contains many liberals with both a large-L and a small-l; but the Club remains completely independent. 

Town Members
Annual Subscription £798.00
Joining Fee £200.00
Country Members
Annual Subscription £668.00
Joining Fee £200.00

Members who join during the course of the year will only pay a pro rata amount for the first year's subscription, through to the end of the calendar year.

Membership Benefits

Members enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:

  • A calm haven in the centre of London.
  • The historic clubhouse, which provides a venue to entertain guests that is by turns distinctive, impressive and discreet.
  • Heavily discounted central London accommodation, varying from the five-star splendour of the adjoining Royal Horseguards Hotel, to the inexpensive rooms offered by the nearby Farmers Club on Whitehall Court.
  • A lively and assorted programme of events all year round, several of which are strictly members-only.
  • The opportunity to network with one of London's most lively, diverse and interesting club memberships, in the heart of Whitehall.
  • The ability to book lunch and dinner in the club's historic Dining Room overlooking the Thames.
  • The ability to book inexpensive private function rooms in the club.
  • Access to a hand-picked global network of over 150 reciprocal clubs worldwide, across over 30 different countries, many of which offer overnight accommodation as well as club facilities.
  • Assorted club facilities, from the Billiards Room to the Business Facilities Room.

Junior Membership

Junior Membership applies where the applicant is aged between 17 and 29 years. A Junior Member will pay no entrance fee and a reduced annual subscription, determined by reference to the age attained during the membership year, in accordance with the adjacent table.

Junior Membership terminates at the end of the membership year in which the Member attains the age of 29 years.

Age attained during year  Town Country Percent
17-21   £99.75   £83.50 12.5%
22 £159.60 £133.60 20%
23 £239.40 £200.40 30%
24 £319.20 £267.20 40%
25 £399.00 £334.00 50%
26 £478.80 £400.80 60%
27 £558.60 £467.60 70%
28 £638.40 £534.40 80%
29 £718.20 £601.20 90%